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Our Philosophy

As every parent knows, early childhood is a period of rapid change and development. At KinderArts Preschool, we engage and challenge your child. Our interdisciplinary approach achieves Utah’s Early Childhood Core Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social/Emotional Studies, and Physical Health and Safety through the creative and performing arts. Our students enjoy hands-on experiences in academics, music, art, and dramatic play every day in a loving, nurturing, and positive environment.

We teach through MUSIC because…

  • Music expands the memory and assists in developing language, logic, and reasoning skills
  • Music is a fun and engaging way to deliver information about the a child’s environment such as colors, numbers, cause and effect, patterns, timing, and interpersonal relationships
  • Music helps to communicate the full spectrum of human emotion in a way appropriate to the children’s experience
  • Music encourages cooperation, collaboration, and group effort
  • Music develops cognitive, social, and motor skills necessary for success in the learning environment

We teach through ART because…

  • Art is one of the first opportunities for children to create things and find joy in the creations of others
  • Art facilitates essential sensory experiences; for example, feeling a crayon moving across a paper, seeing a blob of paint grow bigger, or realizing that they can mold clay into any shape
  • Art develops fine motor skills necessary for writing and activities of daily living
  • Art encourages turn taking, sharing, and negotiating for materials
  • Art develops a child’s self esteem

We teach through DRAMATIC PLAY because…

  • Dramatic play allows children to engage in role-playing activities that nurture their imaginations
  • Dramatic play helps to develop problem-solving skills
  • Dramatic play places children in a variety of social situations and encourages communication and language development
  • Dramatic play can teach children empathy through role playing
  • Dramatic play helps to develop a child’s attention span


Children learn by doing. At KinderArts Preschool they do exactly that.